Is Facebook still a Social Network?

According to an article on Quartz facebook should no longer be considered a social network but more of a mobile advertising company.

Facebook is in the process of acquiring a company called Waze for $1billion, which is a mobile mapping and navigation company based in Israel. With this application facebook can collect data about where people are in order to better utilise their mobile advertising.

I feel like facebook is a big scary stalker sometimes. There are many things that annoy me about facebook. The advertising in the sidebars, the “privacy” policy, the annoying people who do nothing but complain or the ones who are always looking for attention. On the other hand I love facebook because I can connect with family and friends who live all over the world, particularly New Zealand, Australia, and Germany. Read the rest of this entry


African Innovation

There are many innovative tech creations that were made in Africa but not many of us know that they come from our own continent. We just assume they were made in another country. We have many creative people here who have brilliant ideas but lack of education and finances often stops them from taking their ideas further. Here are five African tech innovations explained by

1. Charging Shoes – A new way to charge mobile phones.

2. Please Call Me – We know this one very well. Send a text to any number which requests the recipient to call you.

3. Cardiopad – A tablet capable of performing heart examinations in rural areas.

4. M-Pesa – Money transfer and financial planning on your mobile phone.

5. CAT Scan – Invented by a South African, developed in the UK. A device which can capture images of the tissues in the human body.

Read the full article at

Beyoncé Called

A collection of 3 Daily Prompts from

1. Freaky Friday

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be, and why?

If I could be anyone in the world for a day I would be Barack Obama. I would look through all the “classified” and “top secret” files to see  what the U.S are hiding from us. Wars, Weapons, UFO’s, medical/pharmaceutical secrets. I probably wouldn’t even understand most of what I read. But still.

2. Unknown Caller

 You receive a call from an unexpected person. Who is it, and what is the conversation about? Go!

I got a call from Beyoncé (lol). She wants me to babysit Blu Ivy! She’s going to fly me to Los Angeles hahaha! don’t feel sorry for the baby, this is just pretend.

3. Turn, Turn, Turn

For many of us, winter is blooming into spring, or fall hardening into winter. Which season do you most look forward to?

I look forward to Autumn because I like to feel the weather changing and it’s amazing to see the sun rising later and setting earlier every day. I was born in late Autumn.

We Can All Save The World

Great video. You choices make an impact on the world whether you realise it or not.

40 Mobile Phone Facts

The posted an interesting and funny article yesterday with facts about mobile phones. It includes facts about the history of mobile phones, history of mobile service providers, and the first SMS sent to a mobile phone.

This is the story of the mobile phone in 40 facts:

1 That first portable phone was called a DynaTAC. The original model had 35 minutes of battery life and weighed one kilogram.

2 Several prototypes of the DynaTAC were created just 90 days after Cooper had first suggested the idea. He held a competition among Motorola engineers from various departments to design it and ended up choosing “the least glamorous”.

3 The DynaTAC’s weight was reduced to 794g before it came to market. It was still heavy enough to beat someone to death with, although this fact was never used as a selling point.

4 Nonetheless, people cottoned on. DynaTAC became the phone of choice for fictional psychopaths, including Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko, American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman and Saved by the Bell’s Zack Morris.

Read the rest over at!

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